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The purpose of this machine is to shrink or stretch metal sheets, angles, flat bars, and plates by increasing or decreasing the length of the metal in a localized area.

One of the most important functions is the forming and fitting of the sections mentioned, after they have passed through production dies of some type. These machines take care of what is commonly termed in the sheet metal trade as Spring-back and other deformities.

For experimental, repair and small production, many shapes can be completely made eliminating costly expenditure of Production Dies.

  1. Straighten damaged sheet stock.
  2. Remove wrinkles and straighten after forming.
  3. Offers the greatest aid in the final fitting of all types and shapes.
  4. Many subjects can be suitably formed in these machines (depending, of course, upon the final shape of the parts) Such parts as frame, bulkhead members, cap strips, stiffeners, rolled or extruded angles, tees, channels, and fairing sheets being some of the items covered in this category.

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Years of experience by this corporation in the manufacture of these ingenious machines has particularly qualified us to solve any of your shrinking problems by tried and proven methods. Our Engineering Dept. is at your disposal to benefit by this development work and experience without expense to the users of the machine.

Types of Machines covered by this Catalogue

Model No. Throat Gap Jaw Opening Operational Control Power Medium
6A 6 inch 1/4" Remote Air
6F 6 inch 5/16" Foot Treadle
12A 12 inch 3/16" Remote Air