Tooling Designs

Model 6F
Model 6A
Model 12A
Tooling Designs
Jaw Reconditioning


Various Types of Jaw Designs

For Models 6F, 6A, 12A, and 12AR

Flat work Standard Radius Extended (Overhung)
Flat1.jpg (8551 bytes) Radius1.jpg (8119 bytes) extended.jpg (6515 bytes)
Channel True Radius Bulb Angles
channel.jpg (5446 bytes) Radius-1_2.jpg (7940 bytes) bulb.jpg (4612 bytes)


Jaws shown above are shrink configurations and are standard designs to cover various needs in the industry. They can be furnished for either type, shrink OR stretch. Special designs are also made to suit users requirements.


Fine Finish Standard Coarse Finish

fine.jpg (12297 bytes)

standard.jpg (13233 bytes)

coarse.jpg (13698 bytes)

("0" extra fine available for an additional charge)